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Surviving Holiday Travel Through The Albany International Airport

The holidays are a truly magical time of year, but when it comes to air travel, they can be downright miserable. Huge crowds intersect with some of the worst weather of the year, and many of the people traveling are not frequent flyers, making for some real travel nightmares.

If you’re planning to travel through Albany International Airport this holiday season, here are some helpful tips to help you survive the hustle and bustle.

Pack Smart

Rather than travel with your holiday gifts, consider shipping them to your destination ahead of time. If you decide to bring them through security, use gift boxes and bags instead of wrapping paper, or be prepared to unwrap anything that the inspector is unable to see with the scanner. Likewise, if you're gifting electronics, it's best to have those items unwrapped and placed in their own bin for inspection. Modeling clay or Play-Doh might seem like a fun gift for children, but it resembles plastic explosives and will slow you down if it’s in your carry-on.

Did you know? Grandma can bring a homemade pie or your favorite bakery cake on her flight, but the box may be opened and a swab taken along the edge to detect for explosive residue.

Be Prepared

Let’s face it, winters in the northeast can be a bit unforgiving. If your plans include holiday travel at Albany International Airport, make sure you know your next best flight options in case your plane is delayed or canceled. Do your research ahead of time and store the numbers of area hotels in your cell phone so that you’re not left out in the cold when a snowstorm grounds all flights in or out of Albany airport.

Did you know? Rather than phoning the airline's U.S. customer service line and getting stuck on hold while the few remaining seats are snatched up, you can call one of the airline's English-speaking overseas reservations numbers, such as England, Germany, Australia or Singapore.

Reserve a Parking Spot

Holidays are also hectic at airport parking lots, where the best spots fill up fast, or worse, the lots become full. To avoid circling the airport in search of a space, consider reserving a parking spot at off airport parking lots, which offer shuttles to your gate.

Valet parking services at Albany Airport, such as ParkRideFly, allow travelers to pre-book online and will even warm up your car for you.

Did you know? ParkRideFly’s premium valet parking costs less than Albany airport parking, plus there’s no walking, waiting or carrying luggage.

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